Experiential Living - Activities

Day Visits

The programme typically starts with a couple of day visits to the farm intended to provide the adults with special needs an initial exposure to the new environment and activities. Such visits are undertaken in small groups under the care of caregivers without parents accompanying them. During each such visit, they get an opportunity to go round the farm, observe different crops and engage in a few on-farm and off-farm activities. The vast expanse and the natural surrounding help them settle down with ease.

Overnight Stays

Subsequent visits are planned on the basis of an overnight stay which provides lot of opportunities for the young adults to live in peer groups and attend to their daily activities with minimal assistance. It is the home-away night stay that makes the adults in them to step out. They subsequently graduate over time to stay for two or three nights at the farm by which time their level of independence starts growing significantly.


The programme involves young adults with special needs in various activities which are learning and therapeutic in nature. This includes

  • Structured programs to assist independent living –activities of daily living, culinary skills, housekeeping skills, laundry etc
  • Farm related activities like planting, sowing, weeding, harvesting, preparation of bio-manures and pest repellents from natural ingredients
  • Livestock based activities like feeding and grooming of livestock
  • Rural based crafts and arts like clay work, carpentry etc


  • Music, Art & Movement
  • Foot bath / Foot massage
  • External massage
  • Ayurveda


  • Games & Sports
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Walk by the Countryside
  • Nature Watch

Community Interface

  • Engaging with rural communities
  • Partaking in community development programs